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Pandemic Accelerates Digital Transformation

A leading organization in community engagement, social outreach, and mission-based initiatives had earned a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking. To carry out its mission, the organization leveraged in-person events, email marketing, community partnerships, offline and online sales, online / streamed events, direct mail and social media.  These efforts had successfully contributed to over 20% year-over-year growth in customer acquisition, in-store purchases, website traffic and online engagement.


The 2020 lockdown revealed significant challenges including limited customer insight visibility; complicated, manual, time-consuming reporting suing on-premise solutions; and inaccessible data across business units; and a fragmented IT infrastructure system.  The client sought a solution that delivered integration processes for legacy system replacement, supporting agile, cross-platform scalable growth, and real-time data / analytics with actionable insights, built on an affordable, enterprise-wide, cloud-based IT infrastructure.


IT Infrastructure


Agility + Scalability




After meeting with the stakeholders, I assessed and ranked their technical fitness by application, identified gaps and redundancies, and conducted a cost-savings analysis with optimization, retirement and consolidation considerations. I also mapped the future state framework to the client’s business goals to ensure leadership approval and buy-in.


I recommended a solution that supported a distributed team remote environment with secure servers, databases, end-user devices, accessibility, reliable reporting, and seamless future-ready integration.


The new enterprise resource system enabled dynamic reporting, automation, and data consolidation with process standardization, which decreased their project delivery cycle by 35%. By eliminating fragmented reporting applications and manual data entry processes, the client saw their administrative expenses cut by 24%, with the retirement of legacy systems and the transition to cloud-based connected applications. Overall productivity and efficiency increased by 20%.

  • Project Life Cycle 35% 35%
  • Cost Reduction 24% 24%
  • Productivity Increase 20% 20%

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